Fineliner Individual 48 Colours



  • The water-based ink is anti-drying ink, odourless, writing smoothly. It can still be written normally after 2 days of uncapped.
  • Selected 48 colours, the most suitable choice to fulfil users’ needs.
  • Triangle barrel is comfortable for holding and writing in a long time.
  • Special customised high-quality needle point pen with about 0.3mm writing line width can be used alone with a straightedge and sketchpad lines and will not taint the tools.
  • High-quality ink cartridge to ensure stable ink supply and reduce ink residue, also provide smooth stitching and fully utilise the ink.
  • Colour printed caps and tails with the colour number printed can help the users to choose the desired colour easily.
  • Colouring with a water-based hook line pen and alcohol-based colour marker pen, the line will not infiltrate.
  • Suitable for hooking line, writing in colours and marking during reading.
  • Environmentally-friendly PP material to reduce environmental pollutions.

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Weight 0.0064 kg